Medium Roast

Traded Fairly 

Flavor Notes: Sweet, Citrus,  Chocolate (Great for making espresso) 

Location: Huehuetenango

Cafe Intencional works with Julio Martinez, a native of Guatemala and an exporter for over 20 years. His close ties and relationships with Guatemalan farm owners opened the door to this import business. Julio forged other relationships with farm owners and workers. His care and concern for the workers from the Guatemalan farm owners were so impactful and a testament to the nature of the Guatemalan people. Family first. Caring for each other and building long-term, sustainable relationships in business and personally. They also work with a program called LIFT, which assists the community's children in education from grade school through high school. The majority of kids in Guatemala stop education after middle school. This program supports them in lower education and helps them receive higher education.